The_enthusiastic_visitor The_enthusiastic_visitor

The enthusiastic visitor

Dear Bordighera Website,

I write hoping to reach through you the many people who do not know, or have forgotten, how especially beautiful Bordighera is off-season. In particular as she moves from summer to fall and winter (remember? it was the winter light that conquered Claude Monet and made him produce 35 landscape paintings of Bordighera). This year I could not come to Bordighera during the summer, and I was there instead during the month of October. I found it unbelievably beautiful. The sun was still warm, and the sea…the sea was magical. I am sending you some of the pictures I took between October 10th and 30th 2016. The water was as clear as crystal and still warm, people were swimming and boating. On the beautiful pebble beaches one could play, sunbathe, or find peaceful solitude. In a windy day the sky, the sea, and the beach seemed to merge into a giant gym for the windsurfers.  I wish everyone to find the time to come visit Bordighera and discover the appeal of the after-summer season.